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Frito-Lay Launches Lesbian Doritos?

While this Doritos story may bring to mind a joke about Lays potato chips, Frito-Lay isn’t joking. The Texas-based company announced yesterday that they have produced a new “limited-edition” Doritos chip “to celebrate and support” the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.


taste the rainbow?/Image: ItGetsbetter

From now until early October, Frito-Lay will be producing the Doritos Rainbows chips which are essentially the Cool Ranch flavor Doritos reproduced in rainbow colors inspired by the Pride flag. They will be sent to anyone who contributes a minimum of $10.00 to support the It Gets Better Project through the website ItGetsBetter.org/DoritosRainbows.

Begun in September 2010, when gay activist Dan Savage made a YouTube video with his life partner, Terry Miller, the It Gets Better Project is meant to provide hope to adolescents who are harassed as well as a response to the increasing number of youths committing suicide afar they have been “bullied” at school.

Frito-Lay’s chief marketing officer Ram Krishnan stated that to his recollection this is actually the first time that Doritos have been changed for a charity. While some citizens have called for boycotts of “gay friendly” corporations, Frito-Lay appears to think that Doritos are like Girl Scout cookies in that many people wouldn’t stop eating them no matter what the company did.

Krishnan, however, kept his comments in a political vein. “There’s always going to be backlash for any marketing program we do. I think this is about doing right. It fits within our Doritos narrative of being bold. It fits within our company values at PepsiCo.”

He added: “We have stood for diversity and inclusion throughout our entire history. It fits with what the parent company stands for, as far as what we value. So that’s what we’re focused on.”

Krishnan noted “It’s a very inclusive message. We’re really anxious to see how consumers embrace the product and this campaign,” concluding that (despite the PC statements), Frito-Lay will not being selling them in stores.

Frito-Lay Launches Lesbian Doritos?

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