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Lawyer For Patrick Kane’s Rape Accuser Quits

On Wednesday, Buffalo attorney Thomas Eoannou announced that he is dropping Chicago Blackhawk’s Patrick Kane’s rape accuser as a client. Eoannou stated that misrepresentations about a bag of evidence relevant to the case was anonymously given to the mother of the accuser has made it impossible for him to continue as the accuser’s legal counsel.

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Eoannou would not comment further on the details of the alleged misrepresentations. He only said that the misrepresentations had to do with the “manner and means” of the bag’s delivery to the office of his law firm.

The Erie County officials remain insistent that the entirety of the evidence in this case is accounted for and remains in its original packaging. This leads interested parties to believe that the bag of evidence delivered to the mother of Patrick Kane’s accuser holds items that no connection to the case or that the materials inside are fabricated.

At present, it is uncertain if any state enforcement agency—for example the New York State Police or even the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman—will look into any concerns regarding the chain of custody and the evidence. Last night, Paul Cambria, Patrick Kane’s attorney, spoke to the issue of Eoannou dropping the accuser as a client by once more demanding that the case against Patrick Kane be dropped.

Cambria said that he belives that the series of abnormal developments in this case have “victimized” Patrick Kane and forever “tainted” the entire investigation.  Legal pundits note that Eoannou chose a comparatively appropriate moment to drop Patrick Kane’s accuser as a client.  Since she has yet to begin civil litigation against Kane no case has actually been started.

Experts report that the next week will be important in the rape investigation. Frank Sedita III, Erie County district attorney, will be holding a press conference today at 10 a.m. local time to update the press on the Patrick Kane rape investigation.

Lawyer For Patrick Kane’s Rape Accuser Quits

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