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YouTube’s 2-In-1 Subscription Service Coming Soon

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According to a recent YouTube e-mail to content owners, YouTube will soon be offering a special subscription service.    Although for the past decade, it has previously provided its services free, in less than one month from now, YouTube will be launching a blended subscription service.


Image: HDWyn

Channel owners have been notified of a change in terms as the Google-owned YouTube is moving into what appears to be the final stages of its new subscription launch. Some tech sources, such as the reportedly “well-connected” site Re/Code claims that YouTube users should mark October 22, 2015 on their calendars.

This is based on the YouTube e-mail to content owners which informed content owners that they would soon have to agree to new terms and conditions by October 22, 2015 or their specific videos would “no longer be available for public display or monetization” in the US. Still other sources believe the name of the new service will be YouTube Red although nothing has been officially confirmed as this goes to press.

Regardless of the name of the new YouTube service, it appears to be blended. YouTube will supposedly be bundling the new service with an updated version of it Music Key service plus an as yet unnamed new feature that will provide users with “an ad-free viewing experience.”

While no information regarding prices is available, tech sources believe that the subscription fee will be approximately $10.00 a month. This is based on the fact that the a la carte price for Music Key was supposed to be $10.00. Paying the same price for the bundle appeals to many of the experts who believe the bulk of the funds would be required to pay the copyright owners and music labels.

Meanwhile, some technology pundits believe that the new YouTube service launch will be delayed. Last spring, YouTube had announced the service would officially roll-out by the end of summer. Now critics are claiming it could be postponed as late as some time in 2016.

YouTube’s 2-In-1 Subscription Service Coming Soon

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