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Facebook Rolls Out Profile Changes

Yesterday Facebook announced that they will be unveiling some “new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles” in the near future.  Users will be given new options regarding their public profile. They will also be able to decide what gets highlighted on their profiles.


The Facebook logo is pictured at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California/Image: ClientsIcom

Users will soon be able to use a seven-second video clip as their official Facebook profile “picture”. Users will even be given the opportunity to not have a profile picture or use a “temporary photo” that will revert back to the original profile photo choice after a specific “time delay” has expired. The purpose of this “temporary” Facebook photo is reportedly to mark specific occasions in their lives, demonstrate their support of a special event or even to let others know how they feel at any given moment.

There will also be a new area at the top of each Facebook profile. This will be a space that users will be able to fully customize as well as locate front-row-and-center of each profile page. The location for the user’s profile video will also be larger.

Much like the original MySpace or even LinkedIn your Facebook profile will also include a “one-line bio field”. Like the original Facebook, users will once more be able to feature five photographs at the top of their profile pages along with the familiar “About,” “Career” and “Education” fields.

Facebook will also begin a “show friendship option” on each user’s profile page. This will show highlights of all mutual friendships and feature stories and photographs in order to aid new friends in making new connections. Users will also be given the option to hide this from their profiles to prevent potential personal problems.

Facebook is just starting to test these new features with a select iPhone user accounts in California and even the UK. Facebook concluded that they will soon be offering additional new features such as the previously reported dislike button, monetized publishing tools, live stream celebrity chats and more in the near future..

Facebook Rolls Out Profile Changes

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