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SpaceIL May Launch First Private Lunar Lander In 2017

Israel – The Israeli space exploration company called SpaceIL is setting its sights on the Moon for 2017. The private company is currently designing a space craft that they plan to land on the surface of the moon. The motivation comes from a Google sponsored prize of $20 million USD titled Google Lunar X Prize. The search engine company has long been known to pioneer other aspects of science and robotics, and now they are trying to stimulate the private sector to take us or equipment to the moon’s surface.

SpaceIL May Launch First Private Lunar Lander In 2017


SpaceIL is determined to win the $20 million Google Lunar X Prize, and has its hopes set on 2017. (Image from SpaceIL.com)

The summer of 1969 was a long time ago, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the Moon’s surface. They captured the imaginations of school aged boys and working age adults all alike. The flurry of notions that we would soon inhabit our neighborly moon started to flood in. For a few additional years NASA launched more missions to the lunar surface, but all of the fell quiet during the tail end of the Cold War. Perhaps the United States only traveled to the moon to steal that space victory from the USSR, and to demoralize the Soviet Union.

Now there is more reason ever to explore our solar system, and not just for a cool $20 million. Landing on the moon is just one step in an eventual enterprise that could lead towards private companies conducting all sorts of business in space. The potential to mine asteroids or even other planets is not outside of the realm of possibility. Additionally, many people have had their minds on a manned mission to Mars for a long time too.

The Google Lunar X Prize is motivating many small companies around the world like SpaceIL to dream big and aim for the moon.

SpaceIL May Launch First Private Lunar Lander In 2017.

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