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Student Buys Google.com For $12

According to various sources, an American college student purchased Google.com, one of the most famous websites for $12.00. Sanmay Ved, an ex-Google employee and graduate student at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, stated on a recent LinkedIn blog post that he actually expected to receive an error message following what was essentially a short-term takeover of the domain name.



Shortly after his transaction was completed it was recorded on his credit card record. Ved then reportedly contacted the well-known search engine’s security force, whose Rewards Program issues rewards for any reported weaknesses in the website. Additionally, Ved took and uploaded a screenshot to record visual proof that the Google.com domain name was indeed available for purchase to anyone interested in buying it.

Ved, an MBA student, actually utilized Google’s own website-purchasing service to locate the domain name. When he confirmed that it was up for sale, he paid the $12.00 asking price on September 29, 2015.

Following the completion of the domain’s purchase, Ved began to receive numerous email messages that had been sent to the website’s web administration team. It was then that he reports informing the Google security staff.

Ved legally owned the domain for one minute before his previous purchase was cancelled and his money refunded. It was not until then that Ved was actually told that another party had previously registered Google.com.  In fact, records indicate that the domain name Google.com was originally registered on September 15, 1997.

A spokesperson from Google confirmed the purchase of the domain name with the media. The Google Rewards program team offered Ved a “bug bounty” for locating and alerting the search engine company to the vulnerability in their security.

Ved was said to have refused a personal reward. Instead he asked that the funds be donated to the educational charity known as the Art of Living India Foundation. Google sent them twice the reward amount.

Student Buys Google.com For $12

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