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Facebook Takes On YouTube

According to an online announcement Wednesday by Will Cathcart, vice president of product management for Facebook, Facebook users will witness the unveiling of new features over the following months as the social media company continue to test and change new features. Currently they are testing the dedicated Video Feed and picture-in-a picture video player.


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One of the new sections will allow users to click a save button to view videos at a later date as well as a section where users can access the “saved videos”. Cathcart stated: “We’ll be testing this with a small number of people now, so this isn’t something most people will see on Facebook right away”.

Additionally, Facebook Inc. is also not letting up on YouTube in terms of video ads either. In fact, the internet video market is fast becoming the new target for advertising dollars.

Cathcart said: “We know people enjoy these more immersive video experiences, but we’re also learning that people want to watch videos in different ways at different times.” The service is reportedly already garnering a noteworthy number of viewers.


Image: Eclov/Facebook

Facebook will permit peoples to view clips on a floating screen while simultaneously scrolling through the network. Following additional testing, the numerous new features will be available to users of the Facebook mobile app on Android devices and then the website itself.

Cathcart adds that this feature is for Facebook users who simply want to watch videos rather than scroll through numerous pictures of kittens, babies, homemade meals and so forth. Last August the company announced that celebrities can share live videos with all their fans using the Mentions feature.

Finally, Facebook is presently testing yet another new feature. This feature suggests additional videos following the finish of each individual video much like the recommendations provided by YouTube.

Facebook Takes On YouTube

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