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E. Coli Shuts Down 43 Chipotle Restaurants in Oregon and Washington

So far a total of 22 customers have come down sick from E. Coli bacteria after eating at Chipotle restaurants in Oregon and Washington states. The company has decided to shut down all 43 of its stores in the areas in order to help determine where the outbreak came from. Since the issue was not restricted to just one of its locations, the company is being overly precautious, and for good measure. The E. Coli bacteria is a common bacteria that can be found in most fecal matter, but when ingested it will make people terribly ill. In addition to being potentially fatal, an infection can cause other serious long term health issues.

E. Coli Shuts Down 43 Chipotle Restaurants in Oregon and Washington

Chipotle E Coli

Chipotle Mexican Grill has shut down 43 of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after 22 people have been sickened with E. Coli bacteria. (Image from Chipotle)

It is expected that more cases of E. Coli may end up being linked to Chipotle restaurants, as the publicity of the outbreak has begun working its way around the web. Afterall, when a major fast food restaurant shuts down, people quickly take notice and word gets around.

The source for the E. Coli bacteria may likely come from some of the “fresh” or uncooked ingredients used in their menu items. The E. Coli may have been transported to each of the stores on some dirty lettuce, tomatoes, or other fresh ingredients that are commonly used in their food preparation. Since Chipotle uses many Organic food ingredients, manure can be a common organic fertilizer and can also contaminate the food with E. Coli bacteria. This is just a presumption, but meant to illustrate the harmless possibility that this was all just an innocent accident and not something more sinister.

Chipotle has been fully cooperative with investigators that have been looking into determining the source of the E. Coli in their restaurants. Food samples and other specimens have been taken for analysis in order to determine the source. Once identified, the food products can then likely be traced back to their manufacturer for further recourse.

So far there have been no mentions of law suits against Chipotle for these illnesses, but some sort of settlement may be expected for medical expenses and suffering.

E. Coli Shuts Down 43 Chipotle Restaurants in Oregon and Washington.

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