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$43 Million Afghan Gas Station Raises Questions About US Spending

It seems that the US attempt to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of Afghanistan’s Natural Gas as an automotive fuel source may have horribly backfired. Reports surfaced that the US Department of Defense spent approximately $43 million USD on the construction of a natural gas fueling station in Sheberghan Afghanistan. The cost to build this station is estimated to be almost 90 times higher than what the expected cost to built such a station should have been. This gaff, along with other gross over-expenditures have many raising their eyebrows in suspicion towards the Department of Defense’s budget oversight.

$43 Million Afghan Gas Station Raises Questions About US Spending


The US Department of Defense can’t answer to the $43 million bill for an unused fuel station in Afghanistan. (Image from Wikipedia)

There are probably a bunch of conspiracy theorists tipping their tinfoil hats and saying “I told you so!” as the news of this gross over-spending has come to light. The Department of Defense currently claims that they had previously let go the teams that were assigned to the construction and maintenance of the fueling facility, and state that they have no record of why the building cost so much. Speculation currently points to corruption and scandal within the DoD, which may explain their convenient lack of personnel or information to answer to this situation.

Some have pointed out that there would be much higher costs to built a fuel station in the middle of a war-torn country. The cost of security, and the remoteness of the site may have given way to some additional costs that would take it well over the $250,000 average building costs for a similar facility. The tune of $43 million just doesn’t seem to sound right for even that explanation. We are not talking about $500,000 or even $5,000,000 in this case.

Now the station basically sits unused, and has become a complete waste to the US taxpayer who funded the construction and operation. Even though the project was meant to stimulate the Afghan economy by demonstrating the effectiveness of their own natural gas, either the alternative fuel source never caught on, or the whole operation was a sham from the get-go.

Sheberghan is an area in Afghanistan that is very dense with natural gas, and the near-by gas fields are being developed with aid from the US to provide a long term solution to Afghanistan’s energy needs.

$43 Million Afghan Gas Station Raises Questions About US Spending.

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