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7 African American Passengers Kicked Off Overbooked Spirit Airlines Flight 868

Spirit Airlines Flight 868 from Los Angeles to Dallas was overbooked today, leading to some upsetting customer service issues and the police escort of some of its passengers off the plane. The incident occurred while the plane was still on the ground at the LAX terminal, and passengers were taking their seats. A couple arrived at their assigned seats only to find out that some other people had also been assigned the same seats, and got there first. That’s when a Spirit Airlines flight attendant stepped in to attempt to remedy the situation.

7 African American Passengers Kicked Off Overbooked Spirit Airlines Flight 868

Spirit Flight 868

Seven African American passengers were escorted by police off of Spirit Airlines Flight 868 from LAX to DFW this morning. (Image from Youtube)

It is reported that the flight attendant offered different seats to the 2 overbooked passengers, but it is not clear whether the accommodations were comparable. In an understandable demeanor the passengers confronted the flight attendant about the appalling situation that they had been put in due to the airlines overbooking practices. While the 2 passengers may or may not have said some unprofessional things to the flight attendant, the Spirit Airlines employee was the only one on the clock. At least 5 other passengers spoke up in disgust of how the flight attendant was treating the 2 passengers, and airport police were called to assist.

Police arrived on the plane and escorted the 2 overbooked passengers off of the flight, and also asked 5 of the other upset passengers to leave the flight. All 7 of those passengers missed their flight, in a situation that could have been easily avoided by the airlines. Spirit Airlines booked the passengers on another flight to accommodate them back to Dallas Texas.

Spirit Airlines positions itself as a low-cost airline, with cheap fares and low frills. This may sound very similar to those who remember the more humble beginnings of Southwest Airlines so many years ago. Southwest has done something that most others would not expect however in the low-cost industry, and that is excel at customer service and satisfaction.

Many of the passengers feel that the verbal altercation between the Spirit Airlines flight attendant and the passengers was fueled by racial indifference. At least one of the passengers aboard remarked that they felt the 7 passengers were asked to leave the flight because they were African American. The perception was that because they were African American the flight attendant became overly defensive of their behavior. Whether or not it really boils down to a racial understanding, this minor incident could stir up trouble for the reputation of the airline.

7 Passengers Kicked Off Overbooked Spirit Airlines Flight 868.

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