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15-Year-Old Boys Rescued After Chilly Night In Maine Woods

maine woods

Two 15-year-old Rhode Island teenagers who went missing overnight in the Maine woods after leaving on a snowmobile were found cold, hungry but most importantly, alive Tuesday morning, authorities said. The teen boys’ snowmobile got stuck in deep snow on ...

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‘Martian Stumper': Plume On Mars Remains a Mystery 3 Years Later

martian stumper

Nearly three years ago on March 20, in southeastern Pennsylvania, an amateur astronomer named Wayne Jaeschke captured something strange when he turned his telescope towards the sky, dubbed “a martian stumper.” On the surface of Mars some sort of blob ...

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20 Passengers Flee To Tramac At LAX Following Gunman Alert


A false public announcement at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) unnerved 20 passengers to the extent that they fled the gate area to the tarmac Monday, authorities said. A mistaken public announcement was made that a gunman was on ...

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Police: Corbin Teen Killed Family Over Computer Usage Dispute

corbin teen

A 16-year-old Corbin teen is believed to have shot and killed his mother, father, and sister after a dispute with his parents over computer use before driving from Corbin to the East Coast, where he was killed in a shootout ...

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Misidentified Walrus Fossil Discovered To Be Fur Seal Fossil Decades Later

fur seal

After a few decades of believing an ancient fossil belonged to a sea walrus, a postdoctoral student in New Zealand discovered the fossils actually belonged to the oldest fur seal. This could be the missing link to fill the 5-million-year ...

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NOLA Mardi Gras Parade Turns Deadly In Fatal Shooting Of 2

mardi gras parade

Two men died after a shooting along a Mardi Gras parade route in uptown New Orleans Thursday evening, in which police made a quick arrest. The shooting occurred before 10 p.m. near the intersection of St. Charles Avenue and Erato ...

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Facebook Legacy Allows Heir To Manage Memorial Page

facebook legacy

Facebook legacy, the newest solution for leaving behind your social media account when you die. Facebook now allows users in the United States to designate a friend or relative to manage their accounts when they pass away. A designated “legacy contact” ...

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Smokers 83 Percent More Likely To Die From Non-Smoking Related Diseases


The U.S. surgeon general has listed 21 deadly diseases that smokers encounter. A new study in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine points out more than a dozen other diseases that apparently add on to tobacco’s death toll. To ...

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Fitbit Attempts To Avoid 2nd Recall Amid Skin Irritation Complaints


Fitbit is desperately trying to avoid a second recall amid complaints that the company’s newest activity-tracking wristbands are causing skin irritations. Fitbit has responded to these complaints, issuing a statement advising affected wearers to take a break. “We continue to ...

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Powerball Jackpot Climbs To $500M, 3rd Largest Prize Ever

powerball jackpot

It’s been over two months since someone has won Powerball’s top prize, bumping up the jackpot to a staggering $500 million prize, the third largest prize in Powerball history, reports CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller. The game hasn’t seen such ...

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