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Born and raised in Ethiopia, outgoing and active. Writing since a very young age, she wants her creative side to have a purpose and use it to get messages across the globe. Expresses herself through her slam poetry and addresses the World through her writing.

What is Viditure™ ?


What is Viditure™? Viditure™? You are probably asking yourself what Viditure™  is and simply put Viditure™ is only the fusion of video and signature . Yes video signature ! As its name implies we will soon be signing on video ...

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India vs USA : tic tac toe?

India vs USA ! India is a culturally rich country, one mostly recognized as the exotic asian land at odds with its neighbor Pakistan, with IT geniuses, Tigers, Curry and the Taj Mahal. India is now probably on the road ...

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Elysium : Sci-fi or closer to reality ?

Reminder: What is Elysium ? Elysium, was mentioned on several occasions by famous historic poets and authors.In the Greek mythology, this term was referred to the dwelling place of the blessed after death.It was also portrayed as  paradise, in the ...

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