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I love life! And BBQ. Lots of BBQ.

What Jen Welter Means for the Game

NFL logo image by Matt McGee from Flickr.com

Jen Welter is a name that has suddenly come to the attention of many sports fans across the nation for one surprising reason. She’s the first woman to hold a coaching position for an NFL team. There has been a ...

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How to Boost Your Brain Activity to Write a Cool Dissertation? ?


There are many ways to increase both the creative and the intellectual abilities of the brain in order to write an interesting dissertation. Before discussing these mental techniques, however, it would be prudent to present the basic template of design ...

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Cheap jerseys wholesale from China

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5 Backyard Pools That Will Blow Your Mind

"backyard pool at night"

It’s freezing in most parts of the US right now, so here are some incredible private backyard pools that will remind you that summer is a thing that exists. “Wellness Garden” by Eric Kant Contemporary Design Location: Netherlands This glass ...

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This Tour Into The Home of A Murderer Will Give You Chills


Pazuzu Algarad had a reputation among his neighbors for being a strange and creepy guy. It started when he changed his name to that of the demon from The Exorcist, but changing your name isn’t illegal. But this North Carolina man ...

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