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Can Walking Help With Creativity?


Can walking help with creativity?  A new study suggests that walking can help people solve a hard problem or think of ideas they normally would not. Can Walking Help With Creativity?   Scientists at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education studied 176 ...

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Is SnapNikon Snapchat A Scam?

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The SnapNikon Snapchat scam is the newest scam coming through the Snapchat app that many people have installed on their phones.  The SnapNikon Snapchat scam is the third snapchat scam that we have seen come through in this manner and many more are sure to follow. Is SnapNikon Snapchat ...

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FDA Looking At Opioid Combo Drug Concerns Panel


An opioid combo drug that combined morphine and oxycodone into pill form is being questioned by the FDA reviewing panel due to concern of raising prescription drug abuse. FDA Does Not Approve Opioid Combo Drug The drug up for review by a panel for the FDA and they are concerned about ...

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