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Lives in Phoenix, AZ. Graduated from Arizona State University in 2005. Writes for American Live Wire, GM Roadster and Northstar Media

Sun’s Corona Heated To 2 Million Degrees By Tiny Explosions

Sun Corona Heated By Tiny Explosions

Our Sun is just an average star of an ordinary size and an ordinary temperature. Truth be told, there is probably nothing unique about our Sun, other than the fact that we are on a planet orbiting around it. Despite ...

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Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week

Joko Widodo

Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia – Some countries take a hard stance against drug abuse and drug smuggling, but few are as ruthless and cold as Indonesia. Once convicted of a drug-related crime, most prisoners will end up paying with their ...

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Chinese Scientists Claim To Modify Humane DNA In Embryos To Eradicate Disease

Chinese Scientists Modify Human DNA

Scientists in China have just announced that they have successfully modified the human DNA in an embryos to eliminate a genetic disease. This breakthrough is the beginning in what is bound to become a controversial medical topic. While this may ...

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