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Snuggie Creator Fined $8 Million For Misleading Customers

Snuggie Marketer Fined $8 Million

Allstar Marketing Group, the marketing power behind As Seen On TV products like the Snuggie was fined by the FTC for intentionally misleading customers. As a consequence, the company must pay $8 million in fines to some of the customers ...

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Facebook’s 10,000 Employees Pales In Comparison To Google’s 55,000

Facebooks 10,000 Employees Seems Small Compared To Google's Payroll

Menlo Park, California – If you think back 16 years ago and reflect on how people looked up information, the answer was probably a dictionary, library, encyclopedia, or phone book. Fast forward only a couple years later, and the world ...

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Smartphone Scan App Offered As GMO Label Law Solution

Scanning GMO Foods/ Pinterest

GMO Foods: In the ever-complicated debate over labeling of genetically modified foods, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says he has an idea: use your smartphone. Vilsack told members of Congress  that consumers could just use their phones to scan special bar ...

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Heinz To Introduce New Sriracha Flavor In U.S. Market

heinz sriracha

Heinz is spicing up their product offering by adding a dash of Asian-style spice to its ketchup. The company said it is releasing a new product this month: Heinz Tomato Ketchup blended with Sriracha flavor in its United States’ market. ...

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Anheuser-Busch Snubs Craft Beer Drinkers In New Ad


Anheuser-Busch is snubbing craft beer drinkers in a new marketing ad, essentially telling them they don’t want their business anyways. After several years of losing ground to craft brewers, Anheuser-Busch, the country’s largest brewery, seems to be conceding that its ...

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30 Years Later, It May Be Time For Another Swatch Watch

Swatch Designing Smart Watch Targeting Apple Watch

Chances are that if you are reading your news online you may be too young to remember what a Swatch watch was. The trendy and bendy watches were all the craze back in the 1980’s, but 30 years after their ...

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Unionized Oil Workers Go On Strike At 9 US Facilities

USW Supports Oil Worker Strike Across US

The United Steel Workers Union supported a walkout at 9 US Oil Refineries after a labor contract expired on Sunday. Unable to reach an agreement prior to the deadline of the existing contract, the USW felt that it was in ...

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Box’s 66% Stock Jump Indicates Health Future For Cloud Storage Market

Aaron Levie Brings Box IPO To Market

There’s one more multi-millionaire out there who’s probably younger than you thanks to their vision and hard work at an early age. What was once a project for Aaron Levie‘s college business course has now become a successful IPO on the ...

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