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Why Mercury Levels In Food Matter


High mercury levels in fish and shellfish are an ingestible manifestation of air pollution: Coal-burning power plants and other industrial processes release mercury into the atmosphere, where it then enters streams, lakes, and the ocean (and thereby fish flesh) as ...

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Man Holds Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto & Change The World

Paul Stamets /Twitter

If there’s anything you read – or share – let this be it. The content of this article has potential to radically shift the world in a variety of positive ways. And as Monsanto would love for this article to not go ...

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Elio Motors’ $6800 Car Is More Than Just The Future Of Commuting

Elio Front

Phoenix, Arizona – Say “Hello!” to the future of the automobile industry. The two-seater, 3-wheeled car is set to deliver just what you need to get to work at a budget that most workers can soon afford. With the emergence ...

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Melting Arctic Soil Could Release Massive Amounts Of Trapped Carbon Emissions

Melting Permafrost Could Release Massive Amounts Of Carbon

Blame Canada, because melting arctic soil could soon release massive amounts of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere. If this occurs, the Earth could be temporarily bombarded with Greenhouse gases that would super heat our atmosphere. The problem with this is ...

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Jerry Brown Orders Mandatory Water Cuts For California Drought

Governor Jerry Brown of California / Wikipedia

Governor Jerry Brown ordered California’s first mandatory water restrictions as the drought gripping the state enters a fourth year. Brown issued an executive order seeking a mandatory 25 percent reduction in use and a requirement that new homes feature water-efficient ...

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Friday’s 2 1/2 Hour Solar Eclipse Had Unprecedented Effect On Solar Power

Total Solar Eclipse Reduced Solar Power Output

Frankfurt, Germany – Friday’s total solar eclipse was spectacular, as most of Europe headed outside to witness it. The event lasted about 2 1/2 hours from beginning to end, which made fort quite the show. Since the eclipse happened during ...

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Catalina Island Fox Recovers From Endangered Species List Since 1999

Catalina Island Foxes Bounce Back From Endangerment Since 1999

Catalina Island, California – Unlike what you might think, the population of Catalina Island Foxes was not nearly wiped out by humans. In fact, it was an epidemic of Canine Distemper on the tiny island chain that nearly caused the ...

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Global Warming Data Shows 2014 To Be Hottest Year In History

Global Temperature Change Chart

Phoenix, Arizona – Global Warming has been a topic of discussion since at least the 1990’s, when it became a front and center topic for politicians around the globe. Whether you like it or not, scientific data shows that the ...

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Water-saving tips for California homeowners and businesses

California continues to be affected by a long-term drought, especially the areas that encompass Southern California. The shortage of water is prompting Governor Jerry Brown to declare the drought a statewide emergency. Brown has requested Californians to reduce their water ...

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