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Oil Is Likely To Fall To The $40 A Barrel Mark By Summer 2015

Oil Pumping Factory / Flckr

Oil futures fell after announcement of a preliminary deal with Iran that could soon bring an end to sanctions on Iranian oil by Western powers. That could add to the glut of oil worldwide which is playing havoc with oil prices. On Thursday, West ...

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Jerry Brown Orders Mandatory Water Cuts For California Drought

Governor Jerry Brown of California / Wikipedia

Governor Jerry Brown ordered California’s first mandatory water restrictions as the drought gripping the state enters a fourth year. Brown issued an executive order seeking a mandatory 25 percent reduction in use and a requirement that new homes feature water-efficient ...

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Saudi Oil Producers May Drop Barrel Price To $25 To Hurt Iran

Saudi Oil Prices Set To Drop In Effort To Sabotoge Iran

Oil Prices have plummeted all around the world in the past year as a result of weakened demand for the crude product. Producers all over the Arab world are stricken by declining profits and excess supplies. Despite the greatly reduced ...

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Pressure To Raise Minimum Wage to $9 Being Led By Large Retailers

Walmart Raising Minimum Wage To 9 Dollars

For a few years now, labor groups and minimum wage earners have been voicing their concerns for being able to earn a livable wage at a minimum wage job. At first nearly all companies laughed at the idea, but slowly ...

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Chinese Economy Scrambles To Find Foothold In Falling Market

China Fighting A Stalling Economy Since 2012

Beijing, China – The Chinese economy seemed to be booming back in 2009 when the US and European markets were struggling to stay afloat. They appeared, on the surface, to be thriving in a down global market. Now, after fighting ...

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General Motors Proposes $5 Billion Stock Buy-back To Avoid Takeover

GM To Buy Back 5 Billion Dollars Of Stock

Detroit, Michigan – It wasn’t too long ago that you could buy shares of General Motors stock for pennies on the dollar. Now that the automotive industry and the economy have seemed to stabilize, the value of General Motors has ...

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US Unemployment Finally At 5.5% But Wage Growth Stands Still

Minimum Wage Raises

Despite making an impressive turnaround in the past couple years, the US economy still has some struggles. One of the biggest factors facing those in the workforce is a stagnant income pool, with little to no prospect of getting a ...

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Tinder Plus Costs Users Over 30 Double Per Month

Tinder Plus Charging Creepy Old Dudes More Money

Tinder launched a new service on Monday called Tinder Plus, which allows users to have more interaction through the site and app. This service comes at a cost to its users, which helps the company finally make some decent money ...

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Why It Is Still Valuable To Buy American Cars


Americans are full of patriotic pride — almost everyone in the world is aware of this national trait — and for decades, most U.S. citizens were devoted to purchasing American-made cars. However, since the Great Recession of 2008 and the ...

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