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Unionized Oil Workers Go On Strike At 9 US Facilities

USW Supports Oil Worker Strike Across US

The United Steel Workers Union supported a walkout at 9 US Oil Refineries after a labor contract expired on Sunday. Unable to reach an agreement prior to the deadline of the existing contract, the USW felt that it was in ...

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Greek Voters Rally For Syriza Anti-Capitalist Party At The Polls

Alexis Tsipras Is The Party Leader Of Syriza

The party known in Greece as the “Coalition of the Radical Left”, better known as Syriza, has won major offices in Greece’s elections. News across Europe and the world has been rattled by the election of so many politicians that ...

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Gold Prices And Other Metals May Just Hit The Tubes

Gold Prices May Be Hitting The Tubes

For years people have been buying gold as an investment for all kinds of reasons. You may have heard that gold is a solid investment, which is a hedge against inflation, because as the value of paper money declines the ...

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The Shopping Mall Is Dying As Major Retailers Close More Stores

Eaton Centre Mall Toronto

If you were a child of the 1980’s you can probably recall the days of fully packed shopping malls, busy food courts, and all the cool kids hanging out at the arcade. Those were some of the last golden days ...

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Hobbit Tops Box Office For 4th Week Earning $700 Million Total

The Hobbit Poster

Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies‘ has managed to stay at the top of the US box office rankings for the 4th consecutive weekend. In total the movie has earned an epic $700 million in the ...

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Maximus Inc Laying Off 1,500 Call Center Employees In Boise Idaho

Maximus Laying Off 1500 In BOise

Boise, Idaho – A major call center in the Boise area is laying off as many as 1,500 employees who have been tasked with answering healthcare questions. The major cut back will be due to the expiration of a contract ...

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10 Million Amazon Prime Subscribers Sign Up During Holidays

Amazon Reports 10 Million New Prime Subscribers During Holidays

Amazon reported that 10 million new subscribers signed up for their premium Prime subscription service during the holidays. Some of these new members likely signed up to take advantage of the cheaper and faster shipping, while others likely signed up ...

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America Was In Recession Before It Was Cool, Russia To Follow In 2015

Russian Ruble

Moscow, Russia – Just like old VHS tapes of Miami Vice, things that were once cool in America eventually make their way into Russia. The United States experienced its most recent recession a few years back, but so many other ...

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