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What’s With These Low Gas Prices? Cheapest Prices In 5 Years.

Shell Gas

Chances are even if you don’t drive a car, you are well aware that gas prices have gone way down. The recent price drop is not just a measly 10 cent per gallon dip, but a full-blown 40% reduction so ...

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China’s Economy Worsens As Business Look To Government For Stimulus

Made in China

Beijing, China – The manufacturing sector of the Chinese Economy is seeing major declines in production output as demand for Chinese goods declines. Some of the economic woes being experienced by major manufacturers are a direct outcome of China’s overall ...

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Gas Prices Still Falling After 6 Months Of Decline

Gas Pump

If you drive a car, chances are that you have noticed the gas prices going down dramatically in the past 6 months. This welcomed reduction in our expenses has also been experienced on shelves all across the country. The cost ...

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China’s Economic Downfall Could Restore America’s Economic Power

Bank In China

SHANGHAI, China – For the past decade and a half, the Chinese economy had been booming. Major construction projects were undertaken by the government and by corporations as the country experienced a great surge of wealth and affluence. Once seen ...

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Some 2015 Models Flying Off Dealership Lots Across The US

2015 Mustang

All across the US there are some brand new cars that dealers are having trouble keeping in stock. the 2015 model year has brought with it some exciting new automobiles that US consumers seem to be gobbling up in Q3 ...

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Prices At The Pump Hit 4 Year Low Ahead Of Holidays

Shell Station

You may have driven past a gas station lately and had to do a double take at the price, as the price dips way below the $3 mark for the first time in years. Gas station attendants are having dust ...

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Price Of Gasoline Falls Well Below $3.00 At Pumps Across The US

Fuel Graph

The price of crude oil has been falling for months, yet the price of gas had still been staying near the $3.40 per gallon mark all across the country. In the past week, prices have plummeted as commuters have been ...

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The Problem Really is Overpopulation

Photo from: rp72 on flickr

Here’s one problem the Republicans can’t blame on President Obama and the Democrats can’t look back to Bush – overpopulation. The world is full of problems – war, starvation, radicalization, climate change, income equality, and poverty. The news is constantly ...

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Would You Buy a Ford Ka?

Photo: Wikipedia

The Ka is meant to undercut the Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper in price, and with a starting MSRP as low as $10,900, it accomplishes this handily. Last week we asked if you would be interested in buying a ...

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