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Starbucks Now Offering 4 Years Of Free College To Full-Time Employees

Starbucks College Achievment Plan Increased To 4 Years

Seattle, Washington – Forget about student loans, start brewing some coffee. Starbucks has already been widely known for their college tuition plan, known as the College Achievement Plan, which they offer their full-time employees. The previous plan had been that ...

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How To Stimulate Our Visionary Thinking Mind

Visionary Thinking / Stock Photo

Why we are more creative when mind and body are out of step? Usually we perform best with mind and body in sync. With our thoughts tied to our actions decisions are made faster, we are more engaged and we ...

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Become Instantaneously Smarter


There might not be a worse feeling than when you have some kind of huge project due and the creative part of your brain just slowly comes to a grinding halt. Some people have daily rituals they go through to try ...

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University Of Oklahoma Bans Sigma Alpha Epsilon After Racial Chant

SAE Chapter At OU Closed After Racist Video

Norman, Oklahoma – A disturbing video surfaced on Sunday featuring some of the University of Oklahoma‘s fraternity boys chanting a horrific song. The video appeared to be filmed on a bus, and depicted fraternity members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon chanting ...

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Three 4th Grade Girls Planned To Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

Three 4th Grade Girls Planned To Kill Teacher With Hand Sanitizer

Elba, New York – A group of three young 4th grade students were planning to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer in an Elba, New York school. What might first come to mind might be some graphic images of the girls ...

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Third Grade Teacher Donates Capital One 150K Prize To School

capital one

A Massachusetts teacher who won $150,000 in an online contest sponsored by Capital One has donated all of her prize money to her school, ABC News reported. Nicole “Nikki” Bollerman, a third grade teacher at UP Academy Dorchester, was honored ...

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5-Year Tuition Hike Approved by UC Governing Board

tuition hike

A proposed tuition hike was tentatively approved Wednesday by a University of California governing board committee. The committee voted 7-2 to approve the plan recommended by UC President Janet Napolitano that would increase tuition costs in each of the next ...

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10 Famous Students In College This Semester

Image: Glamour Magazine

Dakota Fanning College: New York University Year: Senior This film actress, who has starred in the “Twilight” films, “I Am Sam,” and “The Runaways,” is often spotted skulking around the Gallatin School, a small interdisciplinary college within NYU that provides ...

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Boston Bus Driver Strike Spawns International Walk to School Day

international walk to school day

Wednesday thousands of children nationwide will be walking to their respective schools for International Walk to School Day, and the way this event came to become nationally recognized just so happens to be an accident. One year ago, Boston bus ...

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