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5 Reasons Why Celebrity Marriages End In Divorce

Credit: Flickr

Every day you pick up a paper or open a celebrity website, there is news of a struggling couple going through marriage problems.  Of course, there are plenty of examples where none of us would be too surprised – Kanye ...

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What Are The Reasons For Increased Reliance On Lawyers?

 Buy Windows 10 Key  |  Buy Windows 7 Pro Key  |  Buy Windows 7 Key  |  Widnows 7 Home Premium Key  |  Office 2007 Key  |  Buy Windows 8 Activation Key  | There is no question that modern society has grown a huge dependency on lawyers. ...

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STUDY: Family Size Grows Among Highly Educated Women

Among women in the United States, postgraduate education and motherhood are increasingly going hand-in-hand. / Flickr

A study conducted by Pew Research Center and the Census Bureau says that fewer women in the US are childless in their 40’s. The most significant drop was noticed in the case of women who had a Master’s degree or ...

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Mom Reunites With Daughter 50 Yrs. After Being Told She Died At Birth

Melanie Gilmore, 49 (left) reunited with her mother, Zella Jackson Price, 76, after 49 years.

A tear-jerking moment to find out your daughter is actually alive and well after being told she died after birth! An Olivette family is the subject of a story full of joy and mystery. Forty-nine years ago, a woman was told her daughter ...

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What Is SAD And Why Do I have The Winter Blues?


A Season’s Symptoms SAD (seasonal affective disorder) usually develops in a person’s early 20’s, and the risk for the disorder decreases as you get older. SAD is diagnosed most often in young women, but men who have SAD may suffer more ...

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Disney’s Frozen 2 In The Works Confirms Broadway Singer!


The actress, who voiced Queen Elsa, said Disney is working on expanding the Frozen franchise. Actress Idina Menzel has confirmed there will be a sequel to Disney’s smash hit Frozen. Menzel, who voices Elsa in the animated film, admitted a ...

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Little Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cube & Bubbles Named To Toy Hall Of Fame


  It’s hip to be square, it’s easy being green, and everyone loves tiny bubbles. Classic puzzle Rubik’s Cube, little green army men, and bubbles, favorites for generations, were named to the National Toy Hall of Fame on Thursday.    ...

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Prince George is Expecting a BIG Surprise!

Prince George is set to be a big brother. Photo: Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made it official: the spare to the heir is due in April. In a statement from Kensington Palace, the royal couple said they were “delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in ...

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Tom Horne Announces Landmark Decision On Same-Sex Marriage In Arizona


Tom Horne Announces Landmark Decision On Same-Sex Marriage In Arizona. “Judge John Sedwick concluded that provisions of the voter-approved measure were “unconstitutional because they deny same-sex couples the equal protection of the law.” A federal judge has ruled that Arizona’s ...

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