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Anorexia Nervosa: France Taking A Stand Against ‘Too Thin’ Models

Too-Thin/ Photo: Flickr

The government of France has announced that it’s looking to pass a bill that will ban super-skinny (anorexic nervosa) fashion models, as well the agencies that allow and promote such unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards. “Extreme action like this may be what’s ...

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Will Women Even Want The Apple Watch?

Will Women Buy The Apple Watch

Cupertino, California – As Apple prepared to venture into the smart watch market, the tech world is abuzz with guesses as to how well the Apple Watch will perform. The gadget is one that Apple has been hesitant about, since ...

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Sexy, Unretouched Photos Of Cindy Crawford, 48, Goes Viral


Charlene White tweeted an unretouched image of a lingerie wearing Cindy Crawford, which went viral on Friday. Marie Claire confirmed the shot originated from the December 2013 issue of their Mexico/Latin America magazine, and wrote ‘it is real, it is honest, and ...

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Why Care About Stiletto Heels? – ‘The Why’

stiletto heels

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why care about stiletto heels?” you ask? Well, if you asked this question in hopes of our writing a college paper for you, this is probably too late. It is, nevertheless, a ...

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Scientific Study: High Heels Are The Sexiest Thing Women Could Wear


A new study out of France has confirmed what we’ve always suspected: High heels are pretty dang sexy. Women wearing them receive help and attention from men more quickly than ladies in flats, which doesn’t entirely surprise me, but I ...

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