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Get Your Body Ready For Spring By Eating More Raw, Fresh Foods

Raw Fruit Smoothie/ Shutterstock

Spring is filled with a sense of fresh, new life, much like raw foods can be to our health. Raw, living plant-based foods contain many more enzymes than cooked foods that help with the absorption of nutrients and the entire digestive process. ...

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Sexy, Unretouched Photos Of Cindy Crawford, 48, Goes Viral


Charlene White tweeted an unretouched image of a lingerie wearing Cindy Crawford, which went viral on Friday. Marie Claire confirmed the shot originated from the December 2013 issue of their Mexico/Latin America magazine, and wrote ‘it is real, it is honest, and ...

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Is Sitting the New Smoking?


Is sitting the new smoking? This may be a tad over dramatic yet researches have discovered sitting can literally shave years off your lifespan. The act of sitting can be unavoidable, especially when engaged in activities such as driving and ...

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Wastepaper Basketball

Wastepaper Basketball

Wastepaper Basketball (Jimmy Fallon & LeBron James) Video via: YouTube – user: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon – Published on Feb 27, 2014 – Jimmy and LeBron James showcase their wastepaper basketball skills in this music video from the ’80s. How ...

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