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Shocking Sea Creatures; What Are These?

Image courtesy of www.snopes.com

The Blob Fish  Click the Blue Arrow for Next Shocking Sea Creature –>                        This colorfully ugly looking sea creature is called the Blobfish. The Blobfish was recently named the world’s ugliest ...

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Ten Reasons To Avoid Processed Food

Image courtesy of www.viralnova.com

#10 Cockroach found in McDonald’s hash brown                                McDonald’s has been a multiple offender for insects appearing in their famous dishes. A customer reportedly found a ...

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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

Plastic surgery fails - photo courtesy of quickmeme

Throughout history people have been obsessed with the idea of preserving their youth and in modern society many people turn to cosmetic surgery to accomplish this. However, many times these surgeries result in plastic surgery fails that range from hilarious ...

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