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Teachers Tackle School Shooter After Firing Shots In Common Area, No Injuries

school shooter

A school shooter barged into a Washington state high school Monday morning but staffers tackled him before anyone was hurt, students said. The student allegedly fired multiple shots at North Thurston High School in a common area, according to a ...

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2 Former Police Officers To Be Sentenced In Controversial Taser Case

police officers

Two former Marion, South Carolina police officers will be sentenced Monday for shocking a mentally disabled woman at least eight times with a Taser without giving her further orders. Both Eric Walters and Franklin Brown will be sentenced on federal charges Monday. ...

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Connecticut Teen Forced Into Chemotherapy Released From Hospital

connecticut teen

A Connecticut teen who was forced by courts to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer has finished treatment and is expected to be released from the hospital. The teen, identified in court documents only as Cassandra C., told The Associated Press ...

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Sorry, Star Trek Fans, Tau Ceti’s No Earth 2

tau ceti

According to research recently published in the Astrophysical Journal, the Tau Ceti system, made popular by such science fiction franchises as Star Trek, but don’t expect any intelligent alien life to be discovered there any time soon. While two of ...

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Newly Discovered Shrimp In South Africa 10-15mm Long


JOHANNESBURG  – A tiny shrimp equipped with large, candy-striped eyes to ward off predators  has been discovered in South African waters, the University of Cape Town. “The vivid ringed patterns are thought to be there to make the eyes appear ...

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Listen To What New Study Says About Tinnitus


According to a new study published in Current Biology, tinnitus can originate from a number of different problems including injury and disease. Tinnitus, specifically, is a fairly common medical symptom indicated by a constant ringing in the ears. A team ...

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Study: Air Pollution Could Lead To Dementia

air pollution

A new study has shed light on the shocking effects long-term exposure to fine particle air pollution may cause – such as subtle structural changes in the brain that increase risks of poor cognitive function and dementia. Fine particle air ...

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Why Do Movie Theatres Sell Popcorn? — ‘The Why’

Why do movie theatres sell popcorn?

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why do movie theatres sell popcorn?” you ask?  Good question. (Besides, it sure beats answering all the questions about the popcorn box trick in the 1982 classic movie Diner. It was not ...

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