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NFL Asks For Expedited Appeal Over Tom Brady Ruling

tom brady

According to various sources including a Reuters report, yesterday the NFL (National Football League) filed a motion in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit for an expedited legal proceeding.  This now means that the New England ...

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Why Do People Read Obscene Books? — ‘The Why’

obscene books

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why do people read obscene books?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little literary but again it beats answering your odder, intimate inquiries. Seriously? We thought “The Hindenburg” was just a book about ...

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Lawyer For Patrick Kane’s Rape Accuser Quits

patrick kane

On Wednesday, Buffalo attorney Thomas Eoannou announced that he is dropping Chicago Blackhawk’s Patrick Kane’s rape accuser as a client. Eoannou stated that misrepresentations about a bag of evidence relevant to the case was anonymously given to the mother of ...

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Why Is Everything Bad For You? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why is everything bad for you?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little “Parade magazine-like” but again it beats answering questions about odd intimate acts. Seriously? We thought “The Chili Dog” was just ...

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Instagram Beats Twitter By 80 Million Users


According to stock market reports, Facebook shares rose over one percent yesterday as Instagram reached a milestone 400 million users and passing twitter to become the number one social network. Various experts believe this jump was due in part to ...

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Why Does Bacon Make Us Happy? — ‘The Why’


Welcome to the newest edition of The Why. “Why does bacon make us happy?” Good question. (OK, it’s a little “anti-vegetarian” in essence but it still beats answering those assorted inquiries about odd, intimate acts. Seriously? We thought a “Hot ...

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A Text A Day Keeps The Doctor Away


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Why Did I Get Married? — ‘The Why’


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1 In 3 American Kids Eats Fast Food Daily

fast food

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