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Elio Motors’ $6800 Car Is More Than Just The Future Of Commuting

Elio Front

Phoenix, Arizona – Say “Hello!” to the future of the automobile industry. The two-seater, 3-wheeled car is set to deliver just what you need to get to work at a budget that most workers can soon afford. With the emergence ...

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Blind Fans Will Soon Be Able To Enjoy Daredevil On Netflix

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Netflix and Marvel are both enjoying the resounding success that is Daredevil. The show debuted on Friday, with all 13 episodes being released to stream instantly, and the response has been nothing shy of spectacular. However, there is one group ...

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Half A Million Walmart Employees Getting Raises to $9 Per Hour Across US

Walmart Minimum Wage 10 Dollars Per Hour

Bentonville, Arkansas – At almost every Walmart store across the US, nearly half a million workers are preparing to get raises this month. Walmart started a $1 billion initiative in 2015 to invest in their employees by increasing wages in ...

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Reserve Deputy Charged With Second-Degree Manslaughter After Killing Unarmed Man

reserve deputy

A reserve deputy sheriff in the Tulsa area has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed suspect, the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office said. 73-year-old insurance company executive Robert Bates, a reserve deputy, was charged ...

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Manhattan Bathroom Raping Suspect Caught On Surveillance Video

manhattan bar

A 23-year-old woman went to use the downstairs restroom at a Manhattan sports bar when a man grabbed her by the throat, forced her into a bathroom stall, and sexually assaulted her, police said. The victim entered the woman’s restroom ...

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Why Are Cellphone Traffic Tickets Down In California? – ‘The Why’

cellphone traffic tickets

Welcome to the newest edition of The Why.  “Why are cellphone traffic tickets down in California?” you ask?  Good question. (Besides, it sure beats answering the question: “Why do 13 year-olds sext?” Seriously?  If this is about your kid then you ...

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Marijuana Extract Tames Brain Seizures


According to a new study funded by drug maker GW Pharmaceuticals, a liquid marijuana extract can aid in treating people with severe epilepsy. In fact, it is reportedly even more effective with patients who do not respond to other treatments. ...

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Boycott, Expose and Sanction Corporations That Feed Off Prisons

Mass incarceration has turned into a huge revenue stream for corporations as the for-profit prison industry is worth about $70 billion. Attempts to reform the industry are useless at a political level. So how can we fix it?

All attempts to reform mass incarceration through the traditional mechanisms of electoral politics, the courts and state and federal legislatures are useless. Corporations, which have turned mass incarceration into a huge revenue stream and which have unchecked political and economic ...

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4 Year Old Texas Boy Discovers Nodosaurus Dinosaur Fossil

Dinosaur hunter, Wylie Brys /Facebook

Kids attract our attention by their cute gestures but this one did something unusual for a kid. The son of a zookeeper, Wylie Brys, discovered no less than a one hundred million year old dinosaur whilst he dug in the ...

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