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European Southern Observatory Discovers Galaxy Inside Galaxy


For the first time ever, astronomers have located direct evidence of a galaxy inside of another galaxy’s stars. With the help of the European Southern Observatory’s telescope, a team of astronomers have found evidence of galactic cannibalism – proof that ...

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Hubble Astronomers Locate Exoplanet With Comet-Like Tail


According to Hubble scientists the Hubble Space Telescope recently discovered a cloudy conflagration of hydrogen gas around a Neptune-sized exoplanet named GJ 436b. Its atmosphere, which is presently bleeding out into space, has been named “The Behemoth.” Scientists believe that ...

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New Invasive Flatworm Gets Scientists Hot Under The Collar

Highly invasive flatworm with mouth in belly found in Florida

Photo Credit: Google Images

According to The Washington Post it is known to be one of the world’s most invasive species, It being the New Guinea flatworm. The arrival of the New Guinea flatworm could wreak havoc on the ecosystem after making its way ...

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Odyssey Spacecraft About to Set a Record, 60,000 Orbits around Mars

Veteran NASA Spacecraft Approaches 'Marathon' Milestone In Its Travels Around Mars

Photo Credit: Google Images

NASA has announced that a milestone is about to be reached by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, circling the Red Planet since its arrival there in 2001 that will see it complete 60,000 orbits. Odyssey, named after Arthur C. Clarke’s bestselling ...

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Group of Four Galaxies Discovered, But are not ‘One of a Kind’

4 galaxies huddle close together in new Hubble Space Telescope photo

Photo Credit: Google Images

A group of four galaxies, which includes a galactic cannibal, are glowing brightly in the vast darkness of space. The Hubble Space Telescope captured a picture of the quartet of this galactic foursome. Named NGC 839, NGC 838, NGC 835 ...

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Study Suggests Most Americans to Be Misinformed About Sunscreens


Photo Credit: Google Images

Most people in the U.S do not have an idea about the indications that the sunscreen labels represent, according to a new study. Under half of study participants understood the part SPF plays, while only 23% were able to indicate ...

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Saturn’s Moon Titan Erodes Like Earth’s Sinkhole


Saturn’s moon Titan is no longer as much of a mystery due to the European Space Agency’s Cassini spacecraft. The surface of Titan has lakes and seas full of hydrocarbons. Since the moment that the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space ...

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Venus Express Detects Signs Of Hot Lava On Venus


The European Space Agency’s Venus Express, which has been orbiting Venus for the past eight years, detected signs of hot lava flowing on the planet – an indication that there may be active volcanoes.  Images from the spacecraft’s Venus Monitoring ...

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