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NASA’s Space Apps Challenge 2014

space apps

NASA’s annual International Space Apps Challenge this weekend will be held in over 100 locations.  This year’s challenge goes on April 12 and 13.  Coordinated from New York City, New York, the event will include 40 different challenges organized into ...

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Permafrost Thawing Speeding up Global Warming

Global Warming

Permafrost Thawing Could Accelerate Global Warming, Researchers Believe According to a team of researchers at the Florida State University, the thawing of permafrost is actually releasing good amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thereby contributing to global warming. Permafrost ...

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Universe expansion measurement best yet

universe expansion

Universe expansion has been the subject of debate for decades and astronomers now claim they have made the most accurate measurement to date as to how fast universe expansion is occurring.  Astronomers with the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) state ...

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Sentinel-1A launched by EU


Sentinel-1A has just been launched by the European Union in hopes of being able to map the entire Earth through the use of an array of satellites.  Sentinel-1A is the first of said satellites put into orbit as part of ...

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