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Bear Hunting Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge

bear hunting

Bear Hunting Lawsuit Ruled Moot A Supreme Court judge in Maine has reportedly dismissed a lawsuit filed last year against Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that was meant to stop them from using taxpayer funds to fight a referendum ...

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Quantum Teleporting, Not Just In Star Trek Movies

Photo: Shutterstock

Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands say they have succeeded in accurately transferring information from one quantum bit to another quantum bit located 3 meters away, without the information traveling through the intervening space. A quantum bit ...

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Monstrous Triple Black Hole Discovered

Massive Black Hole/ Photo: Daily Galaxy

Monstrous Triple Black Hole Discovered. Astronomers have discovered three closely orbiting super-massive black holes in a galaxy more than 4 billion light years away. This is the tightest trio of black holes known to date and is remarkable since most galaxies have just ...

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Meet Gopher Tortoise-The Only Turtle Species That Cannot Swim

Not all turtles can swim- Florida wildlife

Photo Credit: Google Images

Unlike your usual turtle which has the ability to swim, gopher tortoise are something else. This turtle species is perhaps the only one amongst several other species in the world that cannot swim. In the previous month, the FWC or ...

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Climate Change Poses a Dangerous Threat to Florida’s Coastal Reefs, Finds Study

Florida's pristine coral reefs threatened by climate change

Photo Credit: PixaBay

A recent study demonstrates that Florida’s beautiful coral reefs are under a growing threat from climate change. The Miami Herald reported Saturday on the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration study. As per the study, some reefs can be damaged around ...

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Little Foot Skeleton Discovery Sheds Light On Pre-humans In Africa

Little Foot Skeleton

New research on a mysterious skeleton named “Little Foot” indicates the pre-human lived around the same time as its ancestor Lucy’s species, shedding light on the connections between early human ancestors and diverse landscape of pre-humans in Africa during the ...

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Agility Of Tarantulas Depends on Temperature, Study Proves

Scientists study impact of temperature on Texas Brown Tarantulas

Photo Credit: Google images

A recent study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology states that tarantulas, which is a fast moving species of spider, moves even swifter in warm weather. The researchers examined 8 adult Texas brown tarantuals and put their speeds to ...

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How To Stimulate Our Visionary Thinking Mind

Visionary Thinking / Stock Photo

Why we are more creative when mind and body are out of step? Usually we perform best with mind and body in sync. With our thoughts tied to our actions decisions are made faster, we are more engaged and we ...

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