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The Apple Watch Sold Out In Under 6 Hours

Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models in the US are now at minimum 4 – 6 week shipping estimates in less than six hours. Whether due to high demand or low supply, all models of Apple Watch have now almost entirely sold out with many slipping ...

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U.S. Teens’ Social Media Activity Is Transforming

Social Media /Flickr

Where teens’ tastes wander, the industry froths itself into a frenzy attempting to follow. For teens are a bellwether of dollar valuations to come. So what are American Teens keen on right now? A new report by the Pew Research Center delves into ...

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Facebook Being Overtaken By Elderly Users Over Age 65

Facebook Becoming Increasingly Popular With People Over 65

Menlo Park, California – If you are like me, you may remember the early days of Facebook back in 2004 when Social Media was still in its infancy. Back then when using “TheFacebook”, you had to be an officially enrolled college ...

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Facebook linked to poor body image?

Photo: Courtesy American Press

Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies? The mediated version of what women should look like has always been under scrutiny, particularly looking at actresses and fashion models. But what about body image from social networks and friends? ...

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