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Google Is Making A Big Change To It’s Search Results

iPhone / Thinkstock Photo

Mobile-friendly websites will now get a big boost. Google has let the world in on a recent change to its carefully protected search algorithm. Starting Tuesday, the company is boosting the ranking for mobile-friendly websites and demoting those pages that ...

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How to Re-Live Every Embarrassing Google Search You’ve Ever Made

Google Search /  Flickr

There’s a way to download a history of every Google search you ever made while logged into your Google account. It’s eye-opening to see what deeply personal secrets or insights into your life you give Google every time you make ...

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Email Replies Within Two Minutes

Using electronic mail/Image: VulcanPost

According to researchers at Yahoo labs in California and Spain, 90 percent of email users respond to their emails within 24 hours and most of them reply in approximately two minutes. The investigative team studied the various email habits of ...

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All Medical Researchers Get Free Use Of Apple Open-Source ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit / Imgur

Apple announced the official release of ResearchKit, its platform for connecting medical researchers with iPhone users. Previously, the platform had only been available to select medical institutions. “We are delighted and encouraged by the response to ResearchKit from the medical ...

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Almost 1 Million Apple Watches Sold During Pre-Order Sale Online

Apple Pre-sells more than 1 million Apple Watches

Cupertino, California – Apple is the wealthiest company in the world, and there is no mystery as to why. While they may not always remain at the top of the corporate food chain, they certainly have had a good run ...

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Barbie Is The First Female Google Image Search Result For ‘CEO’?

CEO Barbie / Imgur

The first female result in a Google Image search for “CEO” is Barbie and is hidden at least 10 rows down, a recent study from The University of Washington pointed out.  In fact, it’s not even the real Barbie. The ...

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Jennifer Lopez, Cleavage Inspired Google’s Image Search

jennifer lopez

According to a statement from Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, actress, dancer and singer-songwriter Jennifer Lopez–specifically her cleavage—was the inspiration behind the creation of Google’s image search. The pictures of Lopez decked out in a cleavage-revealing emerald green dress during ...

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The Apple Watch Sold Out In Under 6 Hours

Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models in the US are now at minimum 4 – 6 week shipping estimates in less than six hours. Whether due to high demand or low supply, all models of Apple Watch have now almost entirely sold out with many slipping ...

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Reviews Reveal The New MacBook The Future Of Laptops, But With A Catch

Apple-MacBook / Flickr

Reviews agree that the new MacBook with 12-inch Retina display is the most beautifully designed laptop available in the market today. However, reviews also underscored its limitations in the processing category. The new 12-inch MacBook from Apple Inc may be ...

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