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Are Crash Rates For Young Drivers Too High?

Credit: Pixabay

If your first child is learning how to drive, you might be worried about statistics on car accidents. An estimated 1 in 5 drivers under sixteen will crash within their first year on the road. The implications are that something ...

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Quantum Teleporting, Not Just In Star Trek Movies

Photo: Shutterstock

Researchers at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands say they have succeeded in accurately transferring information from one quantum bit to another quantum bit located 3 meters away, without the information traveling through the intervening space. A quantum bit ...

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Brazilian Bus Plummets Off Cliff Killing 54 Passengers

Brazilian Bus Accident Kills 54 On Saturday

Santa Catarina, Brazil – A bus in Brazil plummeted off of a cliff, killing all 54 passengers on board, according to the Brazilian government. The accident took place on Saturday, as a religious group was traveling to a neighboring state. ...

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40-Car Pileup On NJ Turnpike Leaves 1 Dead, Dozens Injured

NJ Turnpike

A massive 40-car pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike resulted in the death of one person, and left dozens of others injured. Icy conditions are believed to have played a part in the massive pileup on the New Jersey Turnpike, ...

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1 Injured After Fuel Truck Crashes Into Jet At LAX

Tom Bradley Terminal At LAX

A fuel truck driver is injured at LAX after he crashes his fuel truck into a Jet. Authorities have said that the only injury sustained was the driver himself, and that no other crew or passengers were hurt. The airport ...

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World’s Most Expensive Homes


The Hearst Mansion    Cost: $165,000,000 If there’s any home with the coolest pop culture credibility, it’s the Hearst Mansion, also known as Hearst Castle, which is valued at $165 Million! The large estate features 3 swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, ...

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Into a Lava-Lined Underworld Near Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Entrance to Big Skylight Cave in El Malpais National Monument. (NYT)

“Do I really need this?” I asked the park ranger behind the desk at the Northwest New Mexico Visitor Center, near the town of Grants. His name tag said “Anthony Sandoval,” and based on his tattoos — one of an ...

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Sick Rides Found in Sturgis 2014

Sturgis Intro

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an American event held in Sturgis, South Dakota during the first full week of August.  It is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world and is basically the best place on earth during ...

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