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Fox News Anchor Lashes Out About Ebola Issue


Fox News has always been a hot button topic. Some criticize it for being far right, while others hail it as the voice of the people. For the first time it seems they have a message that everyone is uniting ...

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You Have No Clue How to Blow a Bubble|Fan Yang Does


We all enjoyed blowing bubbles as children.  Well, you and I have no clue how to blow a bubble!  Check out this video and the amazing, spectacular bubble display. The show is put on by Fan Yang who is a Canadian ...

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Birdy, Eagle..Bear! Cute Bear Dances with Flagpole on Golf Course


We all strive for birdies and eagles but many times end up with a bogey.  Andi Dzilums ended up with a bear while playing Mountain Side Golf Course – BC in at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Vancouver, British Columbia ...

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Hero’s Walk Among Us


“I figured that so many people have died for that, the least I could do is pick it up.” Jeremy Fischer. What would you do if you noticed an American Flag on the ground?  An amazing and compelling story of ...

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7 Week Old Hears For First Time

7 week old hears

Lachlan was born with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. But just a couple days ago received his first hearing aid and was able to hear the voices of family members for the first time. His reaction is ...

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Fat Prairie Dog Rescued By Human


We have all wanted to lose a few extra pounds. I’m sure that is what this prairie dog was thinking when it got caught in this situation. Luckily this prairie dog came across this awesome person, who’s first thought was ...

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