the holiday of love

Twitter: Happier Tweets, Healthier Heart?


Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that they can use Twitter to accurately predict rates of heart disease in specific areas. Coronary heart disease (where arteries become clogged with fatty plaque, making it harder for blood to move around ...

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Is Valentines Tiffany Snapchat A Scam?

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A Valentines Tiffany Snapchat is the newest scam coming through Snapchat to collect users information.  The Snapchat tells users they have won a Valentine’s gift from Tiffany & Co. and to go to a website to claim. Is Valentines Tiffany ...

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5 Top Ways to Find Love

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5 Top Ways to Find Love for Valentine’s Day  . . . Or any other time While not everyone may agree on the top ways to find love, decades of experience, interviews with successful daters and online research reveal there ...

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3 First Date Tips

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First Date Tips for Valentine’s Day . . . and any other time         First dates can be rough any time let alone on a day like Valentine’s Day.  There are many different factors involved in what could be a notoriously ...

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Money is number 1 in online dating


Does money matter in online dating? Apparently, size is not the real issue when it comes to online dating.  It’s money that matters.  According to research published by AYI.com when it comes to dating money and gender are related in ...

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Things to do at wineries


Wacky things to do at wineries for Valentine’s Day  . . . or any other time. These days it seems that people are looking for more.  Whether it is in their paycheck envelope or in the value of that on ...

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JK Rowling: Hermione should of been with Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling with her final HP book "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (Image provided by English Exercise)

  Seven  years  later  with  the  tremendous  success of her Harry  Potter  series,  movies,  merchandise,  even  theme  park (with  Diagon  Alley  in the works);  Author  J.K. Rowling  finally  comes  clean with  a  shocking  revelation:   Hermione,  the bushy  haired  genius ...

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