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Florida Zoo Owners Charged With Drowning, Shooting Animals

florida zoo

Federal officials filed a complaint accusing the owners of a Florida zoo for failing to properly kill for their animals, including euthanizing them by shooting and drowning them. The charged filed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture say the 50-acre ...

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150-Year-Old Tortoise Euthanized At San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo sadly had to euthanize a Galapagos tortoise known as Speed, whose estimated age is more than 150 years. Speed had been in geriatric decline for quite some time, with arthritis and other maladies, the Los Angeles ...

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Hawkmoths Gather More Light By Slowing Their Brains


Getting food can be a challenge for varying breeds of animals, but hawkmoths have a particular challenge. They feed at dusk by inserting their long proboscis into a flower in order to drink nectar. Simon Sponberg, an assistant professor in ...

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Funeral Homes Utilize Furry Companions For Mourners

funeral homes

Sandy Del Duca was mourning the loss of her father when Lulu, a curly-haired golden doodle, came running down the stairs at the Ballard-Durand funeral home. Del Duca thought Lulu was simply one of the pets of Matthew Fiorillo, funeral ...

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Diver Defies All Odds By Befriending Giant Great White Shark

great white shark

They had the odds stacked against them, but a Mexican diver and a giant great white shark became friends – and there is proof to show this. Shark expert Mauricio Hoyos Padilla can be seen giving a high five to ...

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7 New Tiny Frog Species Discovered In Atlantic Rainforest

atlantic rainforest

Researchers have discovered seven new species of tiny frogs living on seven different mountains in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. The species live separately from each other and forced by several factors to keep to their own mountain tops. The ...

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7 Examples Of ‘Virgin Birth’ Cited In Smalltooth Sawfish

smalltooth sawfish

Scientists have discovered seven examples in Florida of virgin-birth offspring by a rare breed of fish, known as the smalltooth sawfish. Smalltooth sawfish are critically endangered and grow up to 25 feet in length and have long snouts with studded ...

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Fate Of Komodo Dragon Questioned After Biting Zoo Employee

komodo dragon

An Omaha, Nebraska zoo employee was treated at a hospital and later released after she was bitten by a Komodo dragon Sunday. The worker, who was not identified, was bitten on her hand by a juvenile Komodo at around 12:30 ...

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Why Do Giant Pandas Poop A Lot?

giant pandas

Why do giant pandas poop a lot? This is the question plaguing the minds of scientists, prompting a study on the matter published Tuesday in the American Society for Microbiology’s open-access journal, mBio. Giant pandas’ diets consist almost exclusively of ...

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Local Museum Rescues Giant Squid With 16-Foot-Long Tentacles

giant squid

A giant squid with tentacles that reached over 16 feet in length washed up on New Zealand’s South Island earlier this week, causing quite a stir when it was discovered. A local museum rescued the specimen from birds and other ...

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