One of the most common complaints about the mainstream media is the constant lack of good news. Media tends to love death and despair, but American Live Wire’s Good News Online section was created to combat this trend. All of the stories in this section are positive, ranging from birthdays, to solutions to common problems, to good celebrity news and beyond. Reader opinions and discussions are encouraged, and opinions are offered on many of the articles. Facts are gathered from around the internet to offer a comprehensive collection of the latest good news.

feel good news

16-Year-Old Girl Cleared To Leave Hospital Following Plane Crash

plane crash

A 16-year-old girl, who survived a plane crash believed to have killed her step-grandparents on Saturday, was cleared to leave a Washington state hospital late Tuesday. Dr. James Wallace of Three Rivers Hospital in Brewster, Washington, told reporters that Autumn ...

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Off-Duty Paramedic Saves NC Beach Shark Attack Victim’s Life

shark attack

An off-duty paramedic who helped save the life of a 12-year-old girl in a shark attack off the North Carolina coast said she used strings from a boogie board and a tent. Marie Hildreth was playing football in the ocean ...

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Man Rescues Baby From LA Car Crash Before Paramedics

car crash

A man who witnessed a car crash rescued a toddler from the car before paramedics arrived to the scene. “I saw the silhouette of a baby, and reached in and felt for the baby,” said Manuel Savinon to CBS LA. ...

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Austria Unveils New Lifelike Sensations Artificial Leg

artificial leg

Scientists in Austria have unveiled an artificial leg which allows amputees to feel lifelike sensations from their foot. One recipient, Wolfang Rangger, who lost his right leg in 2007, described the new artificial leg, saying, “It feels like I have ...

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Pilot Safely Recovered in San Diego Bay After Navy Aircraft Crash

San Diego Bay

A Navy pilot was ejected safely into the San Diego Bay before a training jet went off the runway landing at Naval Air Station North Island Friday. Boaters were able to rescue the pilot from the San Diego Bay that ...

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STUDY: How Science Is Making A More Quality Chocolate Using Fats

Chocolate / Flickr

Chocolate study at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchotron or DESY in Germany conducted could make one of the most beloved foods in the world look even better, if not taste better. We are talking about the removing of fat bloom, the white layer ...

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Mom Reunites With Daughter 50 Yrs. After Being Told She Died At Birth

Melanie Gilmore, 49 (left) reunited with her mother, Zella Jackson Price, 76, after 49 years.

A tear-jerking moment to find out your daughter is actually alive and well after being told she died after birth! An Olivette family is the subject of a story full of joy and mystery. Forty-nine years ago, a woman was told her daughter ...

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