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One of the most common complaints about the mainstream media is the constant lack of good news. Media tends to love death and despair, but American Live Wire’s Good News Online section was created to combat this trend. All of the stories in this section are positive, ranging from birthdays, to solutions to common problems, to good celebrity news and beyond. Reader opinions and discussions are encouraged, and opinions are offered on many of the articles. Facts are gathered from around the internet to offer a comprehensive collection of the latest good news.

feel good news

2 Ships Rescue Crew From Sinking Vessel Off Hawaii Coast

hawaii coast

Eleven people were rescued by two ships nearby after their towing vessel – lugging 75,000 gallons of diesel fuel – sank off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii according to the Honolulu Coast Guard. “Mayday, mayday, mayday.” A radio recording released by ...

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Russian Cat Climbs Into Box To Save Abandoned Baby’s Life

Masha The Cat Saves Abandoned Baby

A newly born baby was abandoned in a box on the streets in Russia, and left for dead by its parents. With below freezing temperatures, and nothing to keep the baby warm, the little child would not have lasted for ...

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7-Year-Old Girl Survives Plane Crash, Trekks Through Woods to Safety

plane crash survivor

The last thing Larry Wilkins expected when he opened his front door was to find a plane crash survivor, nose bloodied and arms and legs scratched, at his front door. Her name was Sailor Gutzler,7-years-old, and somehow, she was still ...

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Monkey Saves His Mate At Train Station After Electrocution


NEW DELHI –A Tail of Bravery!  Bystanders at a train station in northern India watched in complete shock as a monkey using all his powers to bring back to life another monkey who was electrocuted and fell unconscious on the train tracks. ...

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Sam The Dog Survives 15 Story Fall From High Rise Apartment Building

Sam, the dog/ SacramentoNews

A 13 year old dog is alive tonight after falling 15 stories from one of the tallest apartment buildings in Sacramento. Call it a miracle or just doggone good luck. “He went off that far corner of the balcony,” said Bill ...

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Egypt Cemetery With 1 Million Mummies Unearthed From 1,500 Years Ago

Bodies tended to be clustered by hair color, like this one with long blonde hair that is thought to be female.

The team of archaeologists from Brigham Young University in the US found the mummified remains in an area that they have named Fag el-Gamous, (Way of the Water Buffalo) after a road close to the site. Archaeologists have been excavating ...

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Derby The Dog: Runs On 3D Prosthetic Legs For The First Time! (VIDEO)


Some might say Derby the dog is disabled, but clearly they haven’t seen him in action. Just Watch!   “He has always been the happiest dog I know,” Derby’s adopted human, Sherry Portanova, tells The Dodo. But before he met ...

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Ketamine For Depression, Science Says There May Be A Cure


Ketamine, while it is a useful sedative and anesthetic when used by healthcare professionals, is also known as a dangerous, illegal party drug. It can cause a trance-like state and hallucinations when used illegally as a recreational drug. But in ...

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Ron Ingraham MacGyvers A Radio To Save His Bacon At Sea

Hawaiian Islands

HONOLULU, Hawaii – After being lost at sea for about two weeks, Ron Ingraham got tired of playing hide and seek with the US Coast Guard (Who had already given up their end of the search). Floating in the ocean, ...

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