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One of the most common complaints about the mainstream media is the constant lack of good news. Media tends to love death and despair, but American Live Wire’s Good News Online section was created to combat this trend. All of the stories in this section are positive, ranging from birthdays, to solutions to common problems, to good celebrity news and beyond. Reader opinions and discussions are encouraged, and opinions are offered on many of the articles. Facts are gathered from around the internet to offer a comprehensive collection of the latest good news.

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Little Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cube & Bubbles Named To Toy Hall Of Fame


  It’s hip to be square, it’s easy being green, and everyone loves tiny bubbles. Classic puzzle Rubik’s Cube, little green army men, and bubbles, favorites for generations, were named to the National Toy Hall of Fame on Thursday.    ...

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FBI Announced It Would Make Animal Cruelty a Group A Felony

Jeffrey Dahmer. Photo: Imgur

Serial killers the Boston Strangler Albert DeSalvo, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Son of Sam killer David Berkowitz. Several studies show that most serial killers start their lives as sociopaths by torturing or killing pets. “It will help get better sentences, sway ...

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Butterfly Gardens From All Over The U.S. Open Year Round

Photo: Pinterest

Approximately 20,000 species of butterflies around the world, about 575 of them are spotted regularly in the lower 48 states. Here’s a look at where butterflies can be found in their metamorphic stages throughout the year. Mission, Texas is the ...

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7 Week Old Hears For First Time

7 week old hears

Lachlan was born with moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears. But just a couple days ago received his first hearing aid and was able to hear the voices of family members for the first time. His reaction is ...

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