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Chocolate Milk Ban Could Backfire

Chocolate Milk

Imposing a Ban on Chocolate Milk in Schools Could have Negative Consequences A team of researchers from Cornell University have revealed how imposing a ban on chocolate milk in schools could backfire and have more negative impacts than positive. With ...

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Does Oil Swishing Really Work?


Oil swishing is a new craze that has been posted all over social media and written about in personal blogs all over the internet, but does it really work?  And what is it exactly? Does Oil Swishing Really Work? Oil ...

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Free drug samples cost patients

free drug samples

Free drug samples are costly to patients. Free drug samples could very well increase medication costs for patients says a new study just published in JAMA Dermatology. Researchers from Stanford University, Stanford, California discovered that dermatologists who are given free ...

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What Is Crossfit?


Crossfit is the hot new workout that seems to get people the body and strength they have been looking for, but what exactly does it entail?  Could it be the workout for the new you? What Is Crossfit? Crossfit is ...

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