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Healthy Diet Could Cut Down the Risk of Memory Decline

Healthy Diet May Be Linked to Lower Risk of Memory and Thinking Decline

  The findings of a new study published in the journal Neurology have revealed that individuals who consumed a healthy diet with lots of nuts, fruits, vegetables and fish, and avoided red meat will be less likely to experience memory ...

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Toms To Donate Shoes To Kids For Every Barefoot Photo


The famous footwear company, Toms, is giving away as many as one million pair of shoes. As part of their eighth annual One Day Without Shoes charity function, Toms will donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. ...

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The GOP’s 2016 Presidential Candidates On Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana USA /StockPhoto

The GOP’s 2016 Presidential Candidates On Marijuana Legalization. It’s becoming increasingly clear that this slow-burning issue (no pun) is one that resonates with a diverse cross section of voters; while conservatives generally still disapprove of legalizing pot, a majority of ...

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Women More Likely to be Hospitalized After Asthma Attack Treatment

Women Are 60 Percent More Likely To Be Hospitalized After Emergency Asthma Treatment

  The findings of a new study have revealed that women are at a 60% higher risk of being admitted to a hospital after undergoing an asthma attack treatment at an emergency department. The researchers considered 2000 asthma patients for ...

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Be Careful When you Exercise on a Treadmill- It Could KILL You

Dave Goldberg death highlights risks, injuries during treadmill use

While exercising is an essential lifestyle regimen and is important for overall well being, it should be done in moderation, and in the presence of a fitness trainer, experts believe. The recent death of David Goldberg on a treadmill has ...

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11 New Conditions OKed For Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

According to an Associated Press source, yesterday an advisory board voted to recommend the addition of 11 new medical conditions to the state of Illinois’ medical marijuana program. Three additional conditions such as anxiety and essential thrombcythemia with a JAK ...

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Children With Night Terrors Are More Likely To Sleepwalk

Night terrors were most common in younger children, whereas sleepwalking was most common at age 10.

Young children who get “night terrors” could be at greater risk for sleepwalking later in life, a new study from Canada suggests. Researchers analyzed new information from approx. 2,000 children born in Quebec, who were followed from age 5 months to 13 years ...

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Investigation Reveals Alcohol Sold to Minors in Many Stores Across NYC

Under Cover, Minors Buy Alcohol at Many Stores in New York City

Photo Credit: Google Images

Underage decoy buyers were able to have alcohol at more than 50 percent of the extensive number groceries, pharmacies, and liquor stores in New York City, which was discovered by the State Liquor Authority targeted in undercover investigation in the ...

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Huge Outbreak of Chlamydia Reported in Texas High Schools


The West Texas High School is now looking at the starling chlamydia outbreak after some students tested positive of this disease.   As per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Chlamydia is a common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), ...

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Man With Ebola Symptoms Tests Negative for the Disease

Tarrant County man with symptom tests negative for Ebola

Photo Credit: Google Images

A Tarrant County man who was under observation for signs of Ebola post his return from Liberia has tested to be not affected with this deadly and popular disease, said health officials on Thursday evening. The man sought care after ...

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