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Physical Therapy Just as Good as Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis


The findings of a new study have now revealed that physical therapy could be just as good as surgery for patients affected by lumbar spinal stenosis- a condition that causes nerve damage and lower back pain in older individuals. “Surgery ...

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Its Official! A Vegan Diet is the Best for You!

Federal Guidelines Recommend Vegan Diet

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans change every 5 years after being introduced first in the year 1980, and now, the current analysis has revealed new changes in the health and nutritional facts and a set of new guidelines have been ...

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Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Score In Weight Loss Reviews

weight loss

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig ranked as the best effective and reliable weight loss plans in a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. With millions of Americans attempting to lose weight, it should be no surprise there ...

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Arizona Prairie Dogs Test Positive For Bubonic Plague

Arizona Prairie Dogs Tested Positive For Bubonic Plague

Flagstaff, Arizona – Little prairie dogs are generally considered to be cute and harmless animals. In some parts of Arizona they are even a common sight near parks, open fields, and other nearby areas. Coconino County health officials are now ...

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Even a Little Exercise Could Help you Live Longer!

Little exercise could help you live longer

Regular exercise is known to be one of the best ways to lead a longer, healthy life, and now, a new study has found that even low levels of physical activity could have a great difference. Even a minimal amount ...

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Breast Milk Available Online Could Actually be Cow’s Milk

Cow's Milk Found in 11% of Breast Milk Bought Online

The findings of a new study have now revealed that around 11% of breast milk samples purchased online were contaminated with cow’s milk, and the concentration of cow’s milk was so high in all of these samples, that it could ...

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How Good is the Ancient Remedy Against MRSA?

Ancient Remedy destroys MRSA

The findings of a new study have now revealed that an ancient remedy could possibly be of help in destroying antibiotic resistant superbugs, even methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), one of the many concerning conditions prevalent today. Researchers seem to have ...

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Chicago Dog Owners Beware- Rise in Canine Flu Cases

Chicago sees surge in canine flu, at least 5 dogs have died

A rise in the number of dogs affected by canine flu (canine infectious respiratory disease) has been reported in Chicago since the beginning of the year, and has already resulted in the death of 5 dogs. The Cook County Department ...

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