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Expedia Pulls Ahead Of Priceline For 2015 US Hotel Bookings

Expedia Logo

Expedia Inc (EXPE) has been experiencing a surge of growth in 2015, especially with their 22% quarterly growth in the Third Quarter. The amount of US hotel bookings that the company has been receiving has been going through the roof, so ...

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Half A Million Walmart Employees Getting Raises to $9 Per Hour Across US

Walmart Minimum Wage 10 Dollars Per Hour

Bentonville, Arkansas – At almost every Walmart store across the US, nearly half a million workers are preparing to get raises this month. Walmart started a $1 billion initiative in 2015 to invest in their employees by increasing wages in ...

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Tax Day April 15, 2015 Is Right Around The Corner

Tax Day April 15 Approaching

Washington D.C. – The Internal Revenue Service is already swamped and behind schedule as they close in on the April 15, 2015 tax filing deadline. The IRS is behind on reviewing tax returns, sending out refunds, and just about everything ...

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Booming Business Relies Heavily On Social Ownership And Contribution


In today’s day and age, some of the largest businesses in the world make their money off of providing opportunities and interaction for everyday people. The transportation company Uber has risen to become the largest taxi service in the world, ...

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Payday Loans Increasingly Out Of Control, Regulation Needed

Payday Loan Stores Possibly Getting Regulations

All across America payday loan stores have been popping up in every city. For many years these institutions have largely taken over real estate when other businesses have closed up. Places that used to be fast food restaurants are now ...

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Who Will Be Playing Spider-Man For Marvel Studios?

Photo courtesy of Deviant Art.

The nerd community rejoiced on Monday when it was finally announced that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios had reached a deal that will lead Spider-Man to join up with the rest of The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel ...

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Gold Prices And Other Metals May Just Hit The Tubes

Gold Prices May Be Hitting The Tubes

For years people have been buying gold as an investment for all kinds of reasons. You may have heard that gold is a solid investment, which is a hedge against inflation, because as the value of paper money declines the ...

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Carton’s Expectation Of Box IPO Lower Than Analysts $1.4 Billion Prediction

Upcoming Box IPO Set To Hit 1 Billion Or More

Los Altos, California – The cloud-based storage company Box is planning to re-launch its IPO plans after market conditions improve. They had initially planned on going public last year, but held off after calculations didn’t pan out to meet the founder’s ...

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US Red Cross Under Pressure To Stop Donations From Tobacco Companies

American Red Cross Pressured To Stop Donations From Tobacco

The Red Cross in the United States is being put under pressure from the International Red Cross to stop accepting monetary donations from tobacco companies. By continuing to accept the donations from these harmful organizations, they put their international reputation ...

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