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Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Former Egyptian President Morsi

Cairo, Egypt – The former president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was finally sentenced by an Egyptian court to a 20 year prison term. Morsi was thrown out of office by a revolution, led by angered protestors. He was finally linked ...

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Women On Depo Shot 40% More Likely To Get HIV Than Other Contraceptives

Women Taking Depo Shot 40 Percent Higher Risk Of HIV

The popular injected contraceptive (birth control), known as Depo-Provera have been found to be at a substantially higher risk of contracting the HIV virus. This test concluded from research that spanned over 20 years that women who took the birth ...

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Disappearance Of World’s Giraffes Is Making Them Silently Extinct

Male Giraffes

Many of Africa’s majestic creatures are threatened by humans eager to kill them for their prized furs and other materials. Much attention has been given to the African Elephant, the Lion, the Rhino and other well known creatures but it ...

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