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Indonesia Executes 8 Drug Smugglers With Firing Squads This Week

Joko Widodo

Nusa Kambangan Island, Indonesia – Some countries take a hard stance against drug abuse and drug smuggling, but few are as ruthless and cold as Indonesia. Once convicted of a drug-related crime, most prisoners will end up paying with their ...

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Missouri Door-To-Door Shooting Spree Leads To 8 Dead

Tyrone Missouri Hosts Tragic Multiple Murder

Tyrone, Missouri – Joseph Aldridge, 36, went on a shooting spree as he knocked on neighbors doors before killing them. There were seven victims in total, and then he decided to take his own life. The small rural town of ...

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Funny Animal Faces

funny animals

Chihuahua   Who doesn’t love a cute chihuahua dog? It is one of the smallest dogs and it has many varieties including; the short haired and the long haired. The Techichi is its alleged ancestor, but the facts surrounding the ...

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Best Celebrity Doppelgangers


Isla Fisher & Amy Adams   These two redhead Hollywood starlets, Isla Fisher and Amy Adams have similar faces thanks to their sultry animated looks. Fisher, the Now You See Me actress has even joked about her celebrity doppelganger saying ...

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Top 10 Favorite Celebrity Besties

Celebrity Besties

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Who doesn’t love a great bromance? Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are often swooning over each other and even talked candidly about their friendship in an interview with GQ magazine. Fallon calls their pairing a ...

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