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Ryan Reynolds Becomes Victim Of Hit And Run In Vancouver Parking Lot

Ryan Reynolds Victim Of Hit And Run In Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia – In a classless move that was truly un-Canadian-like, a driver in a hotel parking lot hit Ryan Reynolds and then sped off without seeing if he was okay. The driver could have at least gotten out ...

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Brazilian Bus Plummets Off Cliff Killing 54 Passengers

Brazilian Bus Accident Kills 54 On Saturday

Santa Catarina, Brazil – A bus in Brazil plummeted off of a cliff, killing all 54 passengers on board, according to the Brazilian government. The accident took place on Saturday, as a religious group was traveling to a neighboring state. ...

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Sleep Apnea May Raise the Risk of Road Accidents

Study Draws Link Between Sleep Apnea and RTA Risk

A strong link between sleep apnea and the affected individual’s likelihood of being involved in a road traffic accident seems to be quite high as per a new study conducted by a team of scientists. Countless lives can be saved ...

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Harrison Ford Is A Real Life Han Solo After Today’s Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash

Los Angeles, California – Harrison Ford survived a plane crash today in California, after he radioed to air traffic control that he was experiencing engine failure. As Han Solo, Ford was no stranger to flying a vessel with engine issues. ...

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Construction Worker Accidentally Kills Man After Tape Measure Falls 50 Stories

tape measure

A construction worker accidentally killed a man delivering drywall to a New Jersey construction site Monday when his tape measure fell 50 stories, striking the man on the head, authorities said. The 1-pound tape measure became dislodged from the belt ...

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1 Injured After Fuel Truck Crashes Into Jet At LAX

Tom Bradley Terminal At LAX

A fuel truck driver is injured at LAX after he crashes his fuel truck into a Jet. Authorities have said that the only injury sustained was the driver himself, and that no other crew or passengers were hurt. The airport ...

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