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Survey Discovers Well-Being to Improve with Progressing Age

Well-being gets better with age, survey finds

Photo Credit: Google Images

It seems that baby boomers are having a better time of life than a lot of other Americans. Based on data from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, a new report finds that American adults aged 55+ rank higher on measures of ...

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Study Says Raising Tobacco Age To 21 Could Save Thousands Of Lives

Raising Tobacco Age To 21 Would Save Thousands Of Lives

The typical age to legally buy tobacco products in the United States is currently 18. Since this is the age that we are legally considered adults in this country, it seems fitting that we should be able to buy a ...

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New Study: Feeling Younger Can Make You Live Longer


Old age doesn’t have everything to do with death, researchers believe. A recent study conducted by British scientists believe that feeling younger makes you die later, as perceived age seemed to be a major positive for older folks who felt ...

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Here’s How Much you Actually Need to Sleep

NSF Sleep Recommendations Widen Ranges, Categorize Adults

An updated recommendation for appropriate sleep duration for children and adults has­­­ just been released by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) by a multi-disciplinary expert panel. A wider appropriate sleep range for most age groups was recommended by the panel’s ...

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Oldest Man in The United States Passes Away at 110 Years of Age

America’s Oldest Man Passes away at 110 on Tuesday

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

The oldest man in the US, northern Illinois Rockford to be specific, passed away on tuesday. Conrad Johnson was a Sweden-born man who went away at the age of 110 years and 338 days.   Johnson was an inhabitant of ...

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Joe Cocker’s Wonder Years Over At The Age Of 70

Joe Cocker Dead At 70

Crawford, Colorado – After a long battle with cancer, singer Joe Cocker has died at the age of 70. The long time rocker and singer had enjoyed a life of fame and fortune, but his health declined greatly in later ...

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10 Celebrities That Aged Terribly


Pamela Anderson Was there a straight teenage boy in the last part of the 1990’s who didn’t watch Baywatch? All those taut bodies bouncing around in revealing red swimsuits as the lifeguards ran toward the waves. The actors were the ...

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How Old is Ebola? 23 Million Years, Study Claims

Ebola found to be at least 16 to 23 million years old, according to study

In the midst of all the commotion and chaos about Ebola, new drugs and vaccines to help tackle it, preventive measures and protective screenings to ensure that it doesn’t spread, there’s a study taking place in the back, which has ...

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