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Researchers Find Marine Reptile Fossil in Alaska

Collector finds rare fossil in Alaska

Photo Credit: Google Images

Researchers have confirmed the finding of a marine reptile fossil in the Talkeetna Mountains, the University of Alaska Museum of the North announced Wednesday. Fossil bones of an elasmosaur, which is a type of plesiosaur, were found by Anchorage-based fossil ...

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Will Free Pregnancy Tests In Bars Prevent Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

free pregnancy tests

Will free pregnancy tests in bar restroom prevent fetal alcohol syndrome? The state of Alaska is hoping it will. In fact, with alcohol use during pregnancy being among the top preventable causes of developmental disabilities and birth defects, the state ...

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1 Rescued, 1 Dead After Fierce Squall Strikes Mobile Bay Regatta

mobile bay regatta

One person has been confirmed dead while other sailors are still unaccounted for after a fierce squall struck an annual Mobile Bay regatta. Families of the missing sailors have gathered at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to await word on their ...

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1,000 Mile Long Mystery Blob Of Warm Water Causing Droughts On West Coast

1000 Mile Blob Mystery Warm Water West Coast

Seattle, Washington – Just off the West Coast of the United States lies a 1,000 mile long blob of mysteriously warm water. The phenomenon is suspected of contributing to bizarre weather patterns that have showered parts of the US with ...

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Scientists Claim Dogs Arrived in America 10,000 years Back.

DNA, Humans, Genetic Diversity, Alaska, America

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos

A group of scientists from the University of Illinois have been observing and examining the remains of ancient dogs discovered in both South and North America. By the analysis, they made various genetic proofs to imply that dogs may have ...

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THC Breathalyzer In The Works To Identify Stoned Drivers

Photo/ High Times

A handheld device that police could use to test drivers for the presence of THC is being developed by researchers at Washington State University. Stoners take note, police may soon have a tool to tell whether you’re driving under the influence ...

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Ice Age Infant Burial Site Provides Clues For Ancient Death Rituals

ice age infant burial

An Ice Age infant burial site discovered in Alaska is giving researchers insight into death rituals from that point in time. According to Live Science, the researchers unearthed the remains of a three-year-old child about 11,500 years old four years ...

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Dangerous earthquake zones in America

dangerous earthquake zones

What are the most  dangerous earthquakes zones in America? Where are the most dangerous earthquake zones in America? Why are these areas the most dangerous earthquake zones in America? Chances are when you think of dangerous earthquake zones in the ...

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Marijuana reform in Washington paused until 2015?


House Republican Cary Condotta reported that the state of Washington reported that the state will assign “a task force” to determine the various issues involved with merging “the medical marijuana system with the recreational marijuana marketplace that may be arriving ...

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