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Algae on Lake Erie Led Ohio To Ask Help From Neighboring States

Ohio asks neighboring states to help fight Lake Erie's algae

Photo Credit: Google Images

Pollutants feeding the toxic algae blooms have been turning certain sectors of the western Lake Erie green and polluting the drinking water in recent summers just doesn’t come from Ohio. They are going into the lake from farm fields in ...

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Scientists Find the First Deep Ocean Dead Zones

Scientists claim to have discovered the first deep ocean ‘dead zones’, which are areas of water with virtually no oxygen-in immense whirlpools in the tropical North Atlantic.   Canadian and German researchers claim that the slowly moving eddies can be ...

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Meet the Emerald Sea Slug- A Marine Animal that Poses as a Plant

Credit: Patrick Krug

Talk about impersonating, and the emerald sea slug will put everything to shame. This sea animal is making headlines lately, and its not a surprise, considering how it manages to grab genes from algae, and ‘pretends’ to be a plant. ...

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